Prems 44 – 12 Gents. Thursday 13th December 2018. UWC Dover.

T’was the game before Christmas and all through the pitch,

Anticipation was burning, you could feel the nerves itch


Ones against twos, always a strange game,

Hard to get your mind right when the squad is the same


But battle we must and in fact we did more,

Out there on the grass it felt just like a war


The team talk was over where focus was stressed,

But the Gents came right at us like bulldogs possessed


For 20 long minutes all we did was defend,

Wishing that the onslaught would come to an end


And just when it felt like we might actually survive,

They scored in the corner: line out pick and drive……


So 5-0 down, our faces quite red,

We decided to play ball in their half instead


Just 3 minutes later the backs ran a move,

Button ball off a scrum that had something to prove


A line break by Harris, and over to Nic,

My god I didn’t realise he’s actually quick!


The scores were now level, the next try was key,

We needed to get through a phase….or 3


The processes started to work in our favour,

The big rumbling pack went from villain to saviour


Another strong dash by Jamie came next,

And an offload to Bridges that made their D vexed


Quick ball recycled, the Gents back line was toast,

A pop up to Bruce and in under the posts


2 minutes later, a great kick and chase,

Daryl’s boots went flying to win the foot race


2 bald guys combined, an offload for the fans,

“How can there be 2 Robbies?!” they asked in the stands


Humps with an offload, the ball was kept live

And down for a try, the score 17-5


But the half wasn’t over, the 2s came again,

A try off a piggy was how they thought it would end


But Sassy decided he had other plans,

The ball was slung right and then moved with soft hands


A floor pass from Daryl put Jamie in the red,

We went off at the break just 10 points ahead


The huddle was brimming, all we needed to say,

Was keep the composure and let’s make these lads pay


1st scrum off the restart, a dominant sight,

Our pack beginning to flex all its might


The forwards had turned up, red balls made the Gents freeze,

Sayed with a snipe and Daryl over with ease


Then on the hour the backs went for a dance,

A kick return brought a magnificent chance


The ball sailed left, and then it went back right,

A cheeky grubber From Johnny to set the crowd alight


It was time for big Bruce to show the world he’s no scrub,

A 2nd try for him in his last match for the club


The final 10 minutes the big boys took control,

Our scrums and our mauls really started to roll


Muzza on at 8 and deep down he did delve,

A monstrous scrum push to make it 39-12


The final honours were Gully’s, post a huge line out catch,

The drive was a great way to end this fine match


So 44-12 was the ending result,

A fitting display for a 2nd team revolt


And I’ll leave you with this as you ponder that fight:

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


Ed Bridges

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