So a Happy New Year I guess!?

Conditions were nearly perfect at Turf City with 35 degrees Celsius, 90% humidity and zero cloud cover, artificial turf smelling like burnt rubber probably because it was already melted and with a kick off time of 13:30 most professionals will only dream off.

The match started at a frantic pace with Saints attacking hard and with Rovers still trying find structure Saints scored the first try. 0-5 two minutes in…All went quiet, except for Coach Robbo sounding his disgust at what just happened. And luckily for those on the pitch that was the last of it.

Slowly but surely pods were formed, tackles were made and tries were scored. 10 tries to be exact, 8 conversions. 66 unanswered points, and a mercy call 15 minutes before full time. Not a bad day out for the first round of matches after the December Holiday break after over indulging on beer, bubbly and bacon stuffed turkey…

Congrats to the point scorers:

Tries: Glenn, Dinesh, Ali x 2, Shamir, Steve x 2, Saiful, Sam, Penalty try

Convertions: Ian x 3, HP, Ali, Sam, Adib



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