Rovers 36 – 48 SCC

Saturday 19th Jan 2019

Now that our feet have cooled down and the sunburn almost healed from a blisteringly hot run-out the week before at Turf City, it was time to try and make it three wins in a row for the Rovers. Our game plan was strong and had proved to be a winning strategy when we played SCC several weeks before. This week, however, we were playing them on their own turf, the Padang. With a last minute team talk and the echoes of Robbo’s soon-to-be catchphrase of “no kicking” bouncing round the CBD it was time for kick off.

The start of the match did not go exactly to plan, a penalty to SCC provided them with an early 3 points on the board. This did not go unanswered by the Rovers with Ficky getting over their try line 5 minutes later. 5-3, 9 minutes in. The next 15 minutes or so were filled with some good attack and defence from the Rovers, however a few questionable offside penalties and spilled balls allowed SCC two tries, one with a conversion. Rovers got their act together quickly and HP fired back with a much needed try, unfortunately taking a knee to the ribs in the process. SCC then went on the attack securing another try and conversion. With 1 minute left in the half and Rovers trailing by 10 points, Steve decided to show us young ones how it’s done by smashing through SCC defence, giving Rovers their third try. With a nice conversion by Mohammed Ali, the half time score was a respectable 22-19 to SCC.

Second half did not start how we’d hoped. We conceded a try to SCC within the first 3 minutes, quickly followed by another. Robbo made his feelings clear and the Rovers were obviously listening with Adib scoring our 4th try, and Fahmi our 5th not long after. A conversion by Alfian Abbas took us back within 3 points. 34-31. As the match entered the final 10 minutes the lack of fitness of the Rovers became apparent. Our game plan had been proving effective but sheer exhaustion from the constant high paced game started take a toll. This, along with the ref missing their hands in the ruck allowed SCC two more tries each with a conversion. With the game drawing to a close, Rovers managed to muster one last attack and our efforts were rewarded when Steve, once again proving the oldies still have what it takes, ended out the game on a final try. Full time 48-36 to SCC.

Overall, Rovers can walk away with our heads held high. We stuck to our plan and it showed. If we had that extra 10 minutes in us I’ve no doubt the score would have been much tighter. But in a game where the only break in play other than HT came from Saiful’s wildly swinging right hook, I think we can be proud of our performance.

Dale Maxwell

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