20th January 2018

Turf City


Gents beat Oldham in topsy turvy game

Tries (5): Rhino, Kingbell, Chamberlain, Dupont (2)
Penalties (2): Sasiadek
Conversions (3): Sasiadek

3pm on Turf City, luckily both teams were there, no storm incoming, the game could start….

Kick off followed by a great chase for the black and reds, Blues couldn’t handle such a pressure and knocked on the ball. On the following scrum, the forwards decided that the backs were not worth the ball and kept it in the pack, good choice indeed : Rhino scored a powerful try.

Few minutes later, Oldham took advantage of Wanderers’ indiscipline and reduced the gap with an easy penalty.

The chronological order of the rest of the game is quite blurry, since the sun was already hitting hard on the players’ heads and the san migs on the supporters’, however here are the key points :

1st Half :

– Lorenz Klingbeil tried to start a brawl but was stopped by the referee. Unsuccessful and frustrated, he scored a rageful try after bouncing on 2 or 3 Blues.

– Thanks to good kicks, Wanderers managed to have some occasions in the opponent’s 22. First a good penalty converted by Kieran Sasiadek. And after some unlucky fails from the backs, Tom Chamberlain took the opportunity to go on his own to the try line, successfully.

– Lance de Kock, always keen on whisky, took the blind side with Paul Dupont de Dinechin. After shouting 10 times “INSIDE” to the Frenchie, the latter understood, switched and scored his first try with the red and black jersey.

– Conor Brennan broke through on a red ball, getting his knee’s up for 15/40 yards (the different stakeholders didn’t agree on the distance) but fall short of support, his team mates unable to tail him. Conor then needed oxygen and a 10 min breather.

– Due to a non-agressive/U13 Wanderers’ defense, the Blues made it to the line with some quick plays, for an avoidable try before half-time.

2nd Half :

– Smart but not really fair play, Oldham Boys made the most out of a quick penalty near the try line to score, while one Wanderer was agonizing, waiting for the physio.

– After an inspired kick in the box by Lance de Kock on the right wing, Paul Dupont stayed faithful to his nationality, put out his white flag and avoided the air battle for the ball, letting two Blues collide in the air. Wise choice since the ball luckily popped up in his hands for a try.

– The Blues, fitter, younger, or perhaps just keen on reducing the score, unleashed their power during this half and scored two tries on the left wing, converting some outrageous 3-1 or 4-1 after gathering all the Wanderers in the centre of the pitch with some smart pick and gos.

– At the end of the game, the Red and Blacks, totally gasless, kept the Blues away thanks to a last penalty converted by Kieran Sasiadek, who put also put 3 conversions out of 5. Following his sayings, he duely whipped himself on Sunday morning for this ratio.

Post Game

Lance de Kock, inspired by the heavy rain, declared “This is a lovemaking weather”.

Final score : Wanderers 37-Blues 25, as the coach Benjamin Sedler said : a “decent” performance from the Gents. A lot of envy but too much inefficiency in attack and a lack of aggressiveness in defense prevented the Gents from an easy win against a young team that offered a brave and willful rugby.

Man of the Match – Lorenz Kingbell

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