Wanderers RFC AGM Details – Date & Time

This year the Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Saturday 5th September 2020 from 5pm – 7pm via Zoom (meeting details to follow).

Wanderers RFC AGM Details – Calling for Nominations

The following Executive Committee positions (EXEC) will be elected for the 2020/2021 season;

· President

· Vice President

· Treasurer

· Secretary

· Club Captain

Any member of the club can stand for an EXEC position as long as they are a legitimate member of the Wanderers RFC and only if they have been Nominated and Seconded by Legitimate members of the Wanderers RFC before the cut-off date. (See below for key dates).

A legitimate member of the WanderersRFC is deemed so by having been registered as a player and having paid club subs, and/or Social membership (in so far as you must be verified against the current Wanderers members list and or be an active social member. The independent checker reserve the right to query anyone’s legitimate membership.)

Nomination forms can be forwarded to you upon request – please contact the current Wanderers Secretary Mr Paul Foden (mrpaulball@gmail.com), or any other current EXEC member.

They must clearly state the following information:

1. Full name of who is being nominated (i.e. Mr Joe Bloggs)

2. The Nominees full name and IC / FIN Number

3. What Position they are being nominated for (i.e. President Wanderers RFC)

4. The Full Name of the Nominator

5. The Nominators full name and IC / FIN number

6. Signature & Date of the Nominator

7. The Full Name of the Seconder

8. The Seconders full name and IC / FIN number

9. Signature & Date of the Seconder

10. Signature & Date of the Nominee acknowledging their nomination (this is so only people who want to be nominated can stand for position)

Nominations close 1 week before the AGM, being 5pm Friday 28th August and no late correspondence will be accepted after this time and date.

A full list of the Nominees and Positions will be posted by Monday 31st August for public knowledge.

WanderersRFC AGM Details – Key Dates

· Notification of Wanderers RFC AGM – no later than 5th August 2020

· Call for Nominations – closes 5pm Friday 28th August 2020

· Notification of Successful Nominees – by 12pm Monday 31st August 2020

· Proxy Votes – closes 5pm Friday 4th September 2020

· AGM Votes – at the election on Saturday 5th September between 5pm – 7pm

· Public Notification of New Exec – Monday 7th September 2020

WanderersRFC AGM Details – How to Vote

(a) At the AGM itself

(b) By Proxy E-mail

Further details on how to vote by Proxy will be published by 12pm Monday 31st August 2020.

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