3rd February 2018

Turf City


Gents down Bucks in nailbiter

Tries(3): Brennan, Kowaliak, Ansell, Kingbell
Penalties (0):
Conversions (1): Coco

A match report, by Corentin ‘Coco’ Balmont.

3 mins : Ladies on the touchline, some taking pictures, very distracting..
7 mins : I saw them taking a picture of me – I dropped the ball – scrum
20 mins : Connor scored a sneaky try – classic for an Irish guy
21 mins : I missed the conversion because of this fucking cone which is not a proper tee – easy excuse
38 mins : Kris scored a try after a beautiful break by Quentin (obviously a Frenchman), he’s angry that man
39 mins : I got one! Conversion successful – no thanks to that fucking cone
40 mins : I secretly escape the pitch to smoke a cigarette while Sedler was explaining the game plan for the second half in ENGLISH.
50ish mins : Lorenz scored, that sneaky German
71 mins : Thor entered on the pitch – magnitude 7.5 earthquake on Richter Scale
76 mins : Thor scored the winning try
77 mins : I missed the conversion because the ladies were taking picture again

Man of the Match – Me, Coco, I am the Best

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