[nectar_dropcap]H[/nectar_dropcap]i all!! Head Coach Fraz here. Apologies for the lack of insight into my internal monologue, but I have a very busy schedule as I am an International Superstar Rugby Coach, Wanderers Director of Rugby, and Chairman of the Jaike Carter Fan Club, and not to mention Dan Norton is my best friend.

As it is a New Year, my resolution has to be less Gloucester minded, and to be more worldly. As a result, I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas, Kwanza to my African brothers, and Hanukkah to Jango’s nose.

I know many of you may have over indulged over the last month and need to put it the hard work to get back to match fitness. Robbie McGregor had a traditional Scottish Christmas dinner consisting of 3 packets of Shortbread, 10 cans of Irn-Bru, 9 litres of Bell’s Whisky, 3 Scotch puddings, a Cadbury’s selection box deep fried, 2 pheasants, four haggises, one syringe of Afghan heroin, accompanied with all the accustomed trimmings of neeps and tatties.

As it is a New Year I’ve felt compelled

to think hard about what I want to

achieve over the next 12 months

Aside from winning back our trophies which is priority number 1, I hope you all agree. My other goal is to become Instagram famous, as a result I will start posting motivational quotes and hashtags such as #NewYearNewMe, Rise and Grind, and “you’ll get a much stronger orgasm if you tighten the belt one more notch”. Alongside this I’ve just become a brand ambassador for Lonsdale Sportswear, so you may see more sporting some rather fetching 3/4 length beige tracksuit bottoms and white slip on trainers (please contact me for discounted rates at Sports Direct).

Over the break my love for all things equestrian was reignited. On Christmas morning, my young niece unwrapped her present of a unicorn that shoots glitter out of its ass when squeezed- after several flashbacks of seeing something similar in Ping Pong show, my mind was able to focus on how much I enjoyed Stallions, Nags and Mares. Not many of you may know that as young boy I was quite the show jumper. I was a sight to see, cantering on the back of my noble steed, then majestically leaping over the fences with my golden curls flowing from beneath my riding helmet. However, I never took to dressage, there was something about those show ponies that I just didn’t like; I was once flung from a horse named “Matilda” like buckaroo when performing our dance to the song of Avril Lavignes- Skater Boy.

Until next time.


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