Phuket 10s will soon be upon us and this year is going to be pretty huge. Nick “Tissue Head” Rose is organizing a reunion of the Great Gents team of years ago. Nick has been rallying the troops of old and we’ll be sure to give you a break down over the next few weeks of who to expect back in the Wanderers Black and Red. First up we have Shane “Sin” Binnie. The only man to ever compete with Tom Charles for more yellows was Shane Sin Binnie. Where Rivs used his charm to wriggle out of any suspensions, Binnie just put the ref in an arm bar.

Fond of an argument, Shane will definitely help us get over our hangovers from Suzy Wongs as he undoubtedly loses his shit on the field. Social Rugby is not a thing!! Shane once got sent off from a game of touch for knocking out a WOMAN with an elbow straight to the jaw “Na fark off, she started it” as he was kicked off the field.

Before leaving the club Binnie promised us ALLLL that he could and would hook us up with tickets for the Rugby World Cup in NZ. Yup all we had to do was become a hurricanes member for 1k, buy season tickets for 5k and we would definitely be put into the ballot to possible be allowed to buy a ticket!

Cheers for looking after us big man…….Get your passes sorted for the weekend of 25/26/27 of May and more detail coming soon.

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