Bee’s family continues to live in the same shack as last year. Bee’s father works in another province as a gardener
and construction labourer. His income was reduced significantly since the pandemic. Bee’s mother collects secondhand and recyclable items to sell like plastic drinking water bottles. She has only been able to collect a few bottles
because many people have left Phuket. Bee’s family plants vegetables and raises some chickens around the shack
and they collect the vegetables and eggs to eat to save on food expenses. Sometimes snakes come and eat the
chickens, which is unfortunate and concerns the family. Bee’s younger brother moved out to depend on himself but
he is not able to support his parents. We hand out a dry food package to them every month to help them to get by.
During the last term, Bee studied online at home but she didn’t like it as the internet was not stable. She believes she
learns more at school and she missed her friends and teachers. Bee is very focused on her studies and she tries her
best. Bee has grown up to be a well-behaved young lady, she is sensitive and sensible. She is always willing to help
others and she has a good relationship with those she knows. Her favourite food is noodles and her favourite colors
are pink and black. She loves her family very much and she helps by doing all kinds of housework at home. In her
spare time, she likes watching anime. Bee loves the idea of traveling so she wants to work as an air hostess or work
in tourism in the future. With the tourists gone, she has started to think about other career options. We believe she
will achieve her dream either way, with your support.
Bee and her family are very appreciative and happy that she receives a scholarship from you. Bee wouldn’t have
been able to study to this point without the help from you for sure. Bee says her life would be miserable if she didn’t
receive the scholarship. Many of her close friends have dropped out of school and have been working for years. She
is so grateful to have you as her sponsor – you are her life-changer and hope-giver. Thank you for equipping her mind
and her hands with this educational opportunity!

First continues to live with his cousin, his younger brother, his aunt, and his grandmother at the same
house, as last year. His aunt lost her job in a hotel since the pandemic, now she works at ACF as a
cleaner, she also takes care of a small piece of ACF’s vegetable garden. She plants the vegetables to sell
or eat. She is the main breadwinner of the family and she needs to take care of three nephews and her
mother. Even though they live a very economical life, it can be hard to make ends meet. We hand out a
dry food package to them every month to help them to get by.
First is shy and quiet, he speaks very little but he has a strong sense of humour. He has been attending
our youth group for about two years and has gained more confidence. He is also learning to play rugby at
our rugby development program and he is looking forward to meeting you at the Rugby tens. First loves
fried rice with shrimp and spicy food. Pink and blue are his favourite colours. He is sensible and helpful,
and at home he cleans the floor and washes the dishes. He also helps his aunt to work in the vegetable
garden on school holidays and weekends. He has become close to our staff and he says that ACF is his
second home. He likes watching animations, painting, and cooking in his spare time. He dreams of being
an Art teacher or a chef in the future and wants to support himself and his family. We believe he will
achieve his dreams with your support.
Thank you very much for supporting First through our scholarship program. The education opportunity you
provide will change his life. His grandmother and his aunt are very appreciative of your support and
generosity and they remain encouraged. Thank you so much for all you have done for First and his family,
you are an important part of our scholarship family.

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