Happy New Year!
As 2021 begins we wanted to provide a quick update on the Wanderers and Titans (W&T) Foundation. We were very pleased with the overall engagement and support shown to the Foundation over 2020. It was clearly a challenging year during which we were limited in our ability to disperse any funds to make the positive impact within our community that we wanted. We are hopeful that restrictions on crowd sizes and social and sporting activities will loosen this year, allowing the Foundation to distribute funds to support rugby in Singapore and Southeast Asia and to sponsor numerous fun events to support our fundraising efforts.
While it is hard to distribute the funds raised so far, the W&T Foundation believes we can positively engage with the Wanderers and Titans community. The board discussed the potential of engaging with the two clubs’ members to explore job or internship opportunities that could help disadvantaged individuals in the rugby community during this tough economic period.
If you know of any internship or work opportunities that could help, please contact the respective Club Foundation Board members:
WRFC- Tom Hutchinson and Scott Cochrane
TRFC- Brent Baker and Philip Gockel
Regarding fund raising activities, we have some plans for the next couple of months and look forward to sharing these in the coming weeks.
Thank you all again for your support and please keep our mission statement in mind:

The Wanderers and Titans (W&T) Foundation raises funds to give financial support to deserving individuals and initiatives to increase participation in rugby within disadvantaged communities in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

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