Hello everyone, on behalf of the Wanderers and Titans (W&T) Foundation, we hope you and your family and friends both here and abroad are doing as well as possible under the circumstances caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

In light of the social distancing and travel restrictions in place in Singapore because of the outbreak, the W&T Foundation held its first quarter 2020 meeting via video conference on March 30.

Attending the virtual conference were W&T Foundation Chairman of the Board, George Rippon, board member Shafiq Zulazmi, along with Tommy Hutchinson and Scott Cochrane, representing Wanderers RFC, and Brent Baker, representing Titans RFC, and Abigail Wong, Foundation treasurer.

As a result of the generosity of the donations received from our November 2019 inaugural event and various contributions since then, the Foundation accounts are in a good position with about S$10,000. In line with the Foundation’s Mission Statement, it will keep $2,000 on hand at all times.

The Board concurred that there were funds available to disburse. However, it was agreed by the board members and the directors that in a reflection of the disruptions caused by the current COVID-19 outbreak, with rugby events around the world canceled or postponed, the Foundation should hold off on any disbursements. The Board agreed instead to roll over the funds and build up the Foundation’s reserves until later in the second quarter of 2020 in order to have more funds available to support rugby for disadvantaged communities in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

However, if anyone in the rugby community needs support at this time, please get in touch directly with any of the board members of the Foundation and we can assist. 

The Foundation hopes that many of the restrictions on social gatherings and travel will be lifted as the current outbreak situation eases. Given the recent trend in online “social” events, the Board is considering holding a virtual version of the cigar and whisky fundraising event that has been planned. The Foundation will be sure to let you know more details on that.

WIn the meantime, the Foundation hopes you and those close to you stay safe and well during this pause in rugby and other activities. We will keep you updated on any further events or changes and we look forward to continuing the Foundation mission of raising funds for deserving individuals in Singapore and regionally to help them thrive playing the game we all love. 

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