Mouthwatering Weekend Of Rugby with Molly Malones and BQ Bar

Its Northern Hemisphere vs Southern Hemisphere yet again this weekend (unless you ask Rob Triegaardt who thinks the Southern Hemisphere covers everything south of the Arctic Circle).

Molly Malones Level 2 is base camp for all of Saturday afternoon.

  • Eddie Jones vs Michael Cheika are having a pissing competition at 3:30 with England vs Ozzie – listen to Robbo shout, and Nick Hurlston to be permanently confused
  • 3x cheaters NZ take on 7x Quarter Finalists Ireland at 6.15 – ignore Brooke for 80 minutes, and watch the tears slowly fall down Fitzy’s cheek

BQ Bar is your Sunday venue

  • Warrenball Wales will take on the mutinous French at 3:15 (insert French cliche here) – Jouer!!!
  • The Mighty Nippon take on the villanous South Africans at 6:15 – Come on Japan!!!!

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