Tsunami Stash

Stash is one of the best reasons to play rugby. As well as the usual stash that we will be getting this year, you have the option to purchase extra for yourself.

Please click on the link below, which will direct you to the Club Shop on Tsunami.

The items available on the online shop will not be part of the normal stash, so you have until the end of July to get you order in.

  • The shop is open until the end of July
  • Items will be shipped in bulk to the club and will be handed out at the stash hand out night
  • Pay upfront via the website, you can use credit/ debit card, or use existing Paypal account
  • You’ll be emailed a receipt from Paypal after payment (keep this so we can track the orders)
  • After purchasing the item on Paypal, click return to Tsunami store, here you will see a screen with checkout and your order summary
  • Screenshot/ make a note of your order number (again so we can track this)

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