Molly Malones - Friday 5th July

Friday, Vendredi, Freitag, Fredag, Dé hAoine, Viernes, Dydd Gwener, Vrijdag, Vrydag, Råmere, Jumaat, Biyernes.

Whatever language you speak, we at Wanderers know that Friday means Beer Day.

So Friday 5th of July we are congregating at Molly Malones to share a few San Migs and talk absolute drivel.

On the Saturday morning the boys will be playing in the Club 7’s, so it is imperative that they make it to Friendly Friday to discuss tactics, build a strong team bond, and properly hydrate and fuel their bodies like the warriors they are.

Get on down from 5pm onwards to share a few drops of liquid perfection; quite frankly its the only way to start a weekend.

You have a week to get it penned down, see you there gentlemen.

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