Never go Hungry or Thirsty again with Wanderers 4 point Nutrition and Hydration plan

1. Friendly Friday – 5th October @ Bull and Bear

This Friday from late afternoon onwards Wanderers will be meeting at Bull and Bear in Far East Square.

Pre-season has finally started, huzzah!! Now we all have a excuse for getting out of work early, being out of the house, and grappling on the floor with your sweaty mates.

After 2 hard training sessions this week, you all deserve a drop of Philippines finest Pilsner and Jägermeister’s 56 herbs, fruits, roots, and spices, including citrus peel, licorice, anise, poppy seeds, saffron,ginger, juniper berries, and ginseng (in case you were wondering).

You can enjoy these beauties for the best price in Singapore – $5 (thats F*** all).

Thanks to our amazing sponsors Tadcaster we now have even more drinks deals. We are now catering for everyones tastes in liquid refreshments. As well as this all Wanderers (who display their Memoz app – download it) receive 10% off Food and Bev (both Cafe Melba is always a great shout for Weekend feeds with friends and family,

Wanderers offers for the next 5 years are (also see photo at bottom of page):

$5 San Mig Lights and Heavies (everyone will be pleased)

$5 Mini Jager (Rhino will be pleased)

$8 Wanderers Cocktail (Ollie will be pleased)

$55 Prosecco (Fitzy will be pleased)

$10 House Pour Wine (your Mrs will be pleased)

2. Wanderers Cards – Reduced to $50 for the rest of 2018.

Please ensure you spread the word about the Wanderers cards to friends and family. Every spend on the cards the club gets rebate and the money spent for the card. The more money the club gets back from this, the more the club has to pay for things such as beers post match, F&B at events, and the fun stuff we enjoy.


Follow these easy steps to get a 2018 Wanderers card:

1. Download from google or Apple App Store the Meemoz app

2. Create a user on the app (enter email and your own PW)

3. Go to loyalty card, all loyalty cards

4. Select the Wanderers card

5. Purchase the Wanderers card using Apple Pay, PayPal or another mode of payment (any issues let Gully know)

6. Your card will appear in the loyalty card section for use! To use, check into your Tadcaster outlet, and press your finger on the card for the barcode to appear for the staff to scan! (If the scan has issues, try turning up brightness on the phone briefly to help)

3. BBQ Warehouse 

Robbo’s Personal Sponsor. Who doesn’t love a good BBQ, a great excuse to have a few beers with your mates and go all cave man. President Muzza (all praise be to Muzza) in fact has 2 BBQs, one gas, one charcoal. Even if you are a vegetablist or some other form of anaemic, you can still enjoy a good BBQ with grilled veg/ fish/ marshmallows (unless they have gelatine -who cares). 

The Club gets 10% rebate on every bought online or instore and everyone gets a free BBQ cover on all bbq’s over S$400. In order to claim the 10% just say that you are a Wanderer, or shout “CAAAAAAAAAAAAAARN” when you go into their showroom. 

Check them out online.

4.  PacBev 

Once you’ve visited BBQ Warehouse and your well kitted out, what better way to celebrate than having a good old BBQ with your club mates (what a fine idea).  But you don’t want a dry BBQ, that would be silly, so why not order in some lovely beers for approx $2 a pop.

Whatever your celebration, be it a new baby, house warming, birthday, engagement party, bat mitzvah, or the pagan festival of the autumnal equinox – Pac Bev have you covered.

Long time club sponsors set aside a large amount of San Migs for us to sell throughout the year, with the club yet again getting money for this.

Buy 5 Crates for $50 each and get one free.

Buy 10 Crates for $50 each and get 2 free.


Contact Dave Gull (98220384 / With the following: Contact Number, Address, Quantity of Beer (San Mig Lights or Pales), preferred delivery time/date, colour of your underwear (last part optional).

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