Please find below an update from the Asia Centre Foundation:

In Phuket, the situation finally gets better and our children have returned to school, they are so happy to meet their friends and teachers, including your sponsored children Bee and First.

With the scholarship from you, they have received stationeries and school fees which keep them attending the school. We couldn’t imagine how their family support them without the scholarships. 

Because the tourism industry in Phuket has never come back to life, most of our parents’ incomes are still very low. We have the CovidCARE project been going on for 2 years and the dry food package is a crucial part of it. In the past, we have handed out dry food packages to many poverty families to get through the difficulties and also provided so many disadvantaged children with food, including your sponsored children, please find the attached photos. 

Each dry food package contains rice, eggs, instant noodles, frozen chicken, oil, and some daily necessities, which costs about THB500($17). It allows a family of 4 to maintain a livelihood for half a month. 

We are very grateful that many kind people supported the CovidCARE project so we can provide basic survival assistance to families in need until now. But we also have to pray for more people will support this project because we have more families that need dry food. 

If you are willing to provide one month or several months of dry food packages for a family, please click the link below. we are very grateful. Any donation doesn’t matter how small can make difference in their lives, your generosity will give a family in crisis hope and courage to live and will save at least one child from hunger.

Thank you very much for your continued support, we cannot help these children without your love. You can see from the photos how happy and grateful they are. You are the one who makes all these wonderful moments happen. We appreciate your generosity and kindness very much!

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions. 

Please stay safe and healthy. 

Best regards,

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