W&T Foundation Update October 2020

The quarterly Wanderers and Titans (W&T) Foundation Board Meeting took place on Monday, October 19th. The meeting was hosted by George Rippon, Chairman, and in attendance were both Directors, Calven Bland and Shafiq Zulazmi along with Board Members Scott Cochrane and Brent Baker, representing Wanderers and Titans respectively.
There was an initial summary of the finances by Calven Bland who reported that there was a total of $9411 raised by the Foundation. Even with the Circuit Breaker measures in place, the Foundation still managed to run the Dumpling Challenge and the Quiz Night to raise funds during this period.
The Foundation also benefited from a stand-alone sum of $13,841 that was raised in memory of Wanderers and Titans stalwart Ron Lowe. This money will be gradually donated to causes that are proposed by the Foundation and signed off by Ron’s wife Divya and we are extremely grateful for this gift.
Following the financial disclosures, discussion again turned to whether the Foundation should donate funds at present, while rugby is effectively paused in Singapore, or continue the policy agreed at the last meeting to hold off until rugby resumes.
Since rugby remains paused, it was universally agreed that we would continue to hold off making donations while rugby is cancelled. However all present wanted to reaffirm the Foundations commitment to meeting the goals set out in the Mission Statement:
The Wanderers and Titans (W&T) Foundation raises funds to give financial support to deserving individuals and initiatives to increase participation in rugby within disadvantaged communities in Singapore and Southeast Asia.
As soon as sport resumes, the Foundation looks forward to distributing donations and making a positive impact in the rugby community.
In the interim, the Foundation will continue to focus on building up funds, to ensure we are able to operate with a years-worth of funding in advance moving forwards.

Finally, it was agreed that a final year-end fund raising event would be arranged, and a meeting is scheduled in two weeks to cover this topic.

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