Asia Centre Foundation

The Asia Centre Foundation is a Non-government Organisation set up to help at risk Thai and Burmese migrant children.

Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to have the lives we lead, and the privileges that we are afforded. Giving back to those less fortunate is a big part of whats makes the Wanderers such a fantastic club. As part of the Wanderers “Hearts & Minds” policy, we have been sponsoring 2 young girls from Phuket whose families were victims of 2004 Tsunami. We have been sponsoring the girls for a decade now, all of the funds going to helping with the girls education.

Bee is the older of the two girls, and she has started University which the club are happily covering the fees for. The donations from the club have also gone into maintaining and fuelling her motorbike for her to get to and from everyday, as well as purchasing a new laptop for use of her studies. Aoy is still in High School, and the funds help cover the cost of stationary and school uniforms.

Last year the club raised $2k from beer sales last August, all of which went straight to the girls. This is great cause and we will continue the sponsor the girls going forward. If you have any questions on how you can donate extra to the girls please speak to Gully, and to find out more about the charity follow the link provided below.

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