Wanderers Opens Lose in Bowl and Plate Final

Tries (Lots): Tucker, How, Cochrane, Powell, Gull, Brennan, Ed, Chamberlain, Cartwright, Klingon
Conversions (Not many):
Penalties (0):

Ich bin ein Berliner-

Guttentag meine freunden, welcome to my inner thoughts. As I am still a relatively new member of the club I thought I would furnish you all with a personal biographic of Lorenz.

I was raised in the foothills of the Bavarian mountains to a simple cuckoo clock maker and a house frau. As a young boy I had a great aptitude for mathematics and a love of sports. After school I would rush home devour some apple strudel, and with an unlimited supply of energy I would feverishly complete my homework, then I would run around the mountain sides picking wild Edelweiss and playing handball. Fortunately, during my formative years, I was introduced to rugby at the local school, and a burning passion was ignited inside of me that still rages to this day.

In my teenage years, alongside playing rugby, I got into the German music scene. I developed a strong love for the melodies of David Hasselhoff, and Nena with “Neunundneunzig luftballons”. I grew a mullet, a look that I still feel was good for me; the sight of me rampaging around the rugby pitch with a flowing mullet was glorious.

I understand that life is a rich tapestry, and meeting those from different backgrounds and with different customs is what makes life interesting. My beautiful wife is from Ecuador and she brings Latin flare and spice into my life. Sometimes we differ on things but these a minor, sauerkraut or polenta, schnapps or cerveza, lederhosen or a poncho.

Some of the boys in the club believe that as I am German, that I have some sort of sex dungeon, this is far from the truth and a lazy stereotype. Not all Germans are into fetishes and bondage, I may have my personal peccadillos but this is not the forum for such matters. We have all ventured to the darker side of the internet from time to time, but I am an everyday family man with nothing to hide.

I have greatly enjoyed joining the club this year, and I hope that you have enjoyed me becoming part of the team. I hope we can all strive onwards, up DIE MANSCHAFT!!!

Player of the Day – Not Ollie

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