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Creative Infrastructure Solutions

Internship Opportunities

Creative Infrastructure Solutions is opening an Internship programme open to all Local Wanderers who may be looking for work experience in the field of IT & AV Infrastructure solutions.

We are looking for hard working and self driven individuals who are interested in taking first steps into the Singapore workforce. We will be providing work experience and training in fields such as;

- Systems Installation

- Site & project management

- Operations & procurement

- Sales and Business development

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity and would like to setup an interview with us, please contact Matt Roberts (Rhino) at and use the subject line "Internship".


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#Rigs4SanMigs is back baby.
The monthly competition is back as of October 2018.
Take a photo of you/ someone in your finest Wanderers stash, upload it to the Wanderers Facebook Page and on Instagram along with the caption #Rigs4SanMigs. Best picture will be voted at the start of each month.
p.s. Kevin Neisen you shall have restitution on your old grievance, a Box of San Migs is being kept aside for you. However please take the honour of starting off the new competition.