It’s been 25 years – and counting!

The Wanderers are proud to announce that our sponsorship with Pac Bev has been renewed for another two seasons. Pac Bev has been involved with the club since its inception in 1996, and they have played an integral role in our success over the years. Moreover, post-match hydration is crucial to our players on and off the pitch, and so without the support from Pac Bev, we would have to resort to sliced oranges.

The club switched its beer of choice to Steinlager last year, and this has been met with both great thirst and great success amongst our members. We are all looking forward to Phase 3 – and the next season – kicking off Friendly Fridays again soon! Watch this space…

Another perk to take advantage of with this contract extension is the renewed beer allocation deal provided, which allows you to get Steinlager Pure, Tokyo Dry or Pure Blonde delivered to your doorstep at $50 a case, with a minimum order of five cases to qualify for free delivery. Please contact Gully for orders at

Thanks to Pac Bev as well as our other generous sponsor Tadcaster, Steinlager Pure will be available at $5.50 and Tokyo Dry and Pure Blonde at $6.50 at our club bars until the end of September. Do note that as of October, the beer prices will increase in order to continue to enable our shared partnership between the club, Pac Bev and Tadcaster as Steinlager have increased their charges – more details to follow soon. Rest assured that you will still be able to get amongst the best beer deals in town! We are tremendously grateful to both parties for their continued support in keeping the liquid gold coffers full, frothy, and flowing as we enter into the next season.

Without Pac Bev, we would be left high, dry and thirsty, so please join me in raising a full glass to these fantastic supporters of the club who have rallied behind us this past quarter of a century! In doing so, it goes without saying that we also owe a toast in absentia to the man who started it all, the late but always remembered Johnny Walker.

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