The Board of the Wanderers and Titans Foundation (W&T) wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of those individuals that have made personal donations and volunteered to help with the ongoing management of the W&T Foundation.
Following the successful launch of the Foundation at our Nov. 9 event, we wanted to share with members of both the Wanderers and Titans a summary of the mission statement along with a description of the organisational structure of the W&T Foundation that outlines our commitment to accountability and transparency at all times.
If you wish to volunteer or have an idea of an event that could raise funds and/or lift the profile of the W&T Foundation, please contact us directly via email at
We will be holding the first official Board meeting for the W&T Foundation on Jan 14th. After that, expect to receive the first formal Foundation newsletter in which we will share the outcome of our initial fundraising efforts and outline the events planned for the coming weeks.
And, most importantly, we look forward to sharing with you how the funds have helped to grow grass roots rugby in Singapore.
Wanderers and Titans Foundation
Mission Statement
The Wanderers and Titans (W&T) Foundation raises funds to give financial support to deserving individuals and initiatives to increase participation in rugby within disadvantaged communities in Singapore and Southeast Asia.
Accountability and Ongoing Management
The W&T Foundation is structured to ensure complete clarity with regards the organisation and distribution process of the funds that are raised.
The Foundation has been created as a Company Limited by Guarantee, ensuring that there is no share capital, no personal liability, and operated as a non-profit entity.
The W&T Foundation is comprised of two Directors, one each from the Titans RFC And Wanderers RFC. These Directors are assisted by a Treasurer, and a Non-Executive Board consisting of four people, comprised of an equal number of members from each club, and a Chairman of the Board.
Director                                        Director
Calven Bland (Titans RFC)      Shafiq Zulazmi (Wanderers RFC)
Chairman of the Board
George Rippon
Board Members
Tom Hutchinson (Wanderers RFC)
Scott Cochrane (Wanderers RFC)
Philipp Gockel (Titans RFC)
Brett Baker (Titans RFC)
Abagail Chia
The Board will meet quarterly to manage the outcomes of past donations and agree on the future use of funds given to the Foundation.
The allocation of donations and ongoing accountability of their use will be shared to all members of the two clubs in a quarterly newsletter.
There is a clear set of parameters that any donations can be used for and those will be outlined in the quarterly newsletter when discussing the disbursement of the donations.
At the quarterly meeting, the four Board Members will vote on the use of funds with the ultimate approval at the discretion of the Directors.
The Chairman’s responsibility is to arrange and host the meeting and to disseminate external communications from each meeting.
Running Costs and Accounts
The accounts will be managed and made public by the Treasurer, and the Foundation will appoint a local company secretary.
All the roles and responsibilities within the Foundation will be served on a pro-bono basis, aside from the company secretary, who will be paid for by a sponsor.
This will ensure that all donated funds will be allocated to meet the W&T Foundation’s mission, with no donations going towards the costs of the Foundation.

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