All Games this weekend at BQ Bar

Being the only Asian team in the competition, Japan is everyones second team. They won everyones hearts in the last world cup (even the most cold hearted Saffa can’t deny it).

As a club we love Japanese culture; Ramen, Sumo, Nuru, Sushi, Hentai, Teppanyaki, and Godzilla. Clubman Charlie Robinson had a very successful Sumo career, which he doesn’t like to brag about, and Rupert Macey found inner tranquility for 5 minutes.

We ask that you all get behind the Brave Blossoms, and get yourself down to BQ Bar.

Wax on Wax off.

All weekend we have the indoors of BQ Bar reserved for the Wanderers.

Due to technical issues the outside terrace is unable to show the games. So Tadcaster have reserved the tables indoors of BQ bar for Wanderers. Which is a bit of a blessing considering the haze.

It is also the ideal location for anyone going to the Formula 1 in the evening as its a short walk from Boat Quay.

Friday 20th

Japan v Russia – 6.45 kick off

Saturday 21st

Australia vs Fiji 12:45 kick off

France vs Argentina 15:15 kick off

NZ vs South Africa 17:45 kick off

Sunday 22nd

Italy vs Namibia 13:15 kick off

Ireland vs Scotland 15:45 kick off

England vs Tonga 18:15 kick off

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