Tomorrow our band of geriatrics will once again begin their crusade in the Muddy Penny Cup. Our motley crew of arthritics will wage war against the SCC Growlers (a team named after Mel B’s lady bits). Kick off is at Dempsey at 4.00.

What better way to spend your afternoon then by sipping a few San Migs and enjoy the display of athleticism from our troops. Battle hardened troops, many of whom have come out of rugby retirement more times than Rhino has been glued back together again. Lets get a good crowd of people down to support and make plenty of noise as they are a little hard of hearing.

For those who cannot wait to wrap their lips around some hops, the Wrinkles (as Conor has renamed them) are meeting at Penny Blacks this evening for the pre-tournament drinks. Once you’ve had a drink there, I suggest you move swiftly to an excellent bar ran by our loving sponsors Tadcaster, where you can sample the sweetest nectar served by the fairest of tavern maidens. Perhaps a few San Migs or even a Jager for those of a hardier disposition. That first taste of San Mig will immediately transport you to a beach in the Philippines where all your worries drift away.

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